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Ahlan Avenue Successfully rollout cloud based Disaster recovery plan


Hilal CTTC’s customers are constantly at new heights of bringing cutting edge, usable technology to where it is needed. Through hard work and determination, Ahlan Avenue has successfully created a Disaster recovery project that has created a localized system of data redundancy and possibly help save companies millions of dollars and hundreds of hours; data is important and our client has implemented a fail-safe that is not only secure, but efficient through the help of our experts and through a well-devised plan.The smart minds from Hilal CTTC, behind this project had a set end-goal in mind and worked on it through systematically overcoming the hardships that came with it. With the help of our team and the geniuses behind the project, the project was successfully completed and deployed.

Our recently completed project named Archiving Disaster Recovery has been completed, with our dedicated behind us, the project featured the following features:

  • Reduce the overall risk of Business data loss due to cyberattacks – This project features a wide array of safety checks and backup Virtual Machines to ensure data redundancy and grid lock in case of a malicious cyber-attack.
  • Reduced the risk of losing business data in case of natural and political disasters – through the use of our hosted data in separate Virtual Private clouds through Amazon Web Services, we have created a redundant backup system for important business data which can be accessed in case of Natural and Political disasters.
  • Providing computer power, database storage and content delivery as well as many other functionalities to business in order to them grow and scale, exponentially ease their business data issues during an unforeseen event.
  • Maintain and test plan of a disaster recovery procedure – We create detailed contingency plans in case of a disaster and have already set up recovery procedures for when or if data is at risk.
  • Easy to restore with fast response – because this is such a dynamic solution, it doesn’t require any more downtime. You can get your data back from the backup cloud in no time and continue working as if nothing happened. This not only saves time and money, but saves countless hours for IT teams to get everything set back up again.

This solution not only complies with all rules and regulations, but it allows Ahlan’s to save and optimize over the years.

Because this solution is dynamic, there are a lot of other implementations for this solution in the future with scalability and growth in mind; not only did Ahlan Avenue receive a successfully implemented project, but also received knowledge transfer regarding the different technology stacks that were implemented.

Hilal CTTC’s are proud of our customers and want to see them succeed in their future endeavors; undoubtedly, there is a level of success that is achievable with the right guidance, determination and hard work.



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