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AI-powered services are becoming increasingly popular in the business world. They are being used to automate tasks, improve customer service, and help businesses gain valuable insights into their data. AI-powered services can quickly and accurately process large amounts of data and detect patterns that would otherwise be difficult to find. This can be used to identify trends, spot potential problems, and create predictive models. AI-powered services can also be used to create more interactive customer experiences and improve customer service by responding to inquiries quickly and accurately. AI-powered services can even be used to automate tasks such as email responses, website interactions, and customer support. In short, AI-powered services are an invaluable resource for businesses that are looking to increase efficiency, improve customer service, and gain a better understanding of their data.

With years of transformation experience, we understand that success requires equal focus on technology, the skillsets of your people, and operational shifts that address key stakeholder needs. We help you achieve this balanced focus so you can reduce time to market for your new products, offering & generate the value your executives expect.

Address common business problems to improve customer experience, optimize business processes, and accelerate innovation. Use ready-made, purpose-built AI services, or your own models with AWS services.
Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a cloud computing platform. It provides a variety of services, such as virtual computing, storage, databases, analytics, and machine learning. With AWS, users can easily access, store, analyze, and manage data. It is designed to be reliable and cost-effective, allowing businesses to quickly adapt to changing needs and scale up quickly. AWS allows businesses to create applications and services that can run in the cloud, and makes it easy for them to access, store, and analyze data. It offers a variety of tools to help users manage their cloud resources. Additionally, AWS provides a number of security controls that make it easy for businesses to safeguard their data and applications. With the scalability and flexibility of the AWS platform, businesses can quickly make changes and customize their applications, making it easier to test new ideas and scale up their operations.

AWS pre-trained AI Services provide businesses with ready-made intelligence for their applications and workflows. These AI Services are easy to integrate with existing applications to assist businesses with common tasks such as providing personalized recommendations, modernizing contact centers, improving safety and security, and increasing customer engagement. As the same deep learning technology that powers and its ML Services is used, users can take advantage of quality and accuracy from continuously-learning APIs. Plus, businesses don’t need any machine learning experience to use AWS AI Services.



Let’s explore the exciting realm of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and its potential to revolutionize the business landscape. AI refers to machines and computer systems that can mimic the behavior of humans, understand natural language, and perform tasks with little or no human intervention. AI can be used to automate mundane business tasks, such as data entry and user authentication, as well as more sophisticated tasks such as predictive analytics, machine learning, and deep learning.

The potential for AI to revolutionize the business landscape is immense. Companies that embrace AI-driven tools and applications will be well-positioned to take advantage of these opportunities and maximize their competitive edge in the marketplace. AI-driven processes will also help to reduce costs, streamline operations, and increase customer satisfaction. The possibilities for AI are virtually limitless, and the opportunities that it presents for businesses are truly exciting.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is continuously transforming the way businesses operate. AI-powered solutions allow businesses to make data-driven decisions quickly and efficiently, reduce customer wait times, and protect their data and applications from cyber threats. AI-powered analytics solutions help businesses gain deeper insights into their data and make better decisions. AI-powered customer service solutions provide customers with an automated, personalized customer service experience. AI-powered security solutions help businesses protect their data and applications from cyber threats. Finally, AI-powered cloud solutions help businesses manage their cloud resources more efficiently and cost-effectively. By leveraging the power of AI, businesses can save time, money, and resources, and create new opportunities for growth. AI also enables businesses to develop new products and services, create more personalized experiences for customers, and improve operational efficiency. AI is quickly becoming an essential technology for businesses of all sizes and is paving the way for a new era of innovation.

Dell Technologies is leading the way in AI technology with a range of solutions designed to help businesses make data-driven decisions, reduce customer wait times, protect their data and applications from cyber threats, and manage their cloud resources more efficiently and cost-effectively. This provides AI-powered analytics solutions to help businesses gain deeper insights into their data and make better decisions. AI-powered customer service solutions from Dell Technologies are designed to provide customers with an automated, personalized customer service experience and reduce customer wait times. AI-powered security solutions from Dell Technologies are designed to help businesses protect their data and applications from cyber threats. AI-powered cloud solutions are also available to help businesses manage their cloud resources more efficiently. With the help of Dell Technologies and AI, businesses can save time, money, and resources, and create new opportunities for growth.

Dell Technologies offers AI-powered analytics solutions to help businesses make data-driven decisions. AI-powered analytics solutions from Dell Technologies help businesses gain deeper insights into their data and make better decisions. These solutions use advanced algorithms to analyze data and generate insights in real-time. AI-powered analytics solutions from Dell Technologies are designed to help businesses make better decisions faster.
In addition to AI-powered analytics and customer service solutions, Dell Technologies also offers AI-powered security solutions. These solutions detect and prevent cyber threats. We provide organizations with the ability to quickly detect and respond to threats. These solutions can help to identify malicious activities, such as malware, phishing, and ransomware, as well as suspicious activity and insider threats. The AI-driven security solutions from Dell Technologies provide organizations with a comprehensive view of their security landscape, allowing them to quickly detect and respond to any potential threats.


Hilal’s innovative cyber practice


Cyber-attacks along with their defense mechanisms have evolved over the years but the threats toward businesses have recently reached critical levels as the pandemic has driven the swift virtualization of businesses. Hilal Computers recognizes the present-day challenges and cyber security threats. We provide an integrated and intelligent security immune system that comprises of End-Point security, Network & Gateway Security, and Cloud Security. Our Next Generation Security Operation Center (NGSOC) is designed for your organizational needs as a service and on premises.

Hilal works collaboratively with our clients by listing the best practices, standards and recommendations that are critical and adhered to their continuous practice. From threat hunting to compliance management, our NGSOC as a service includes proactive and reactive responses from a single centralized location which provides scalable services that grow as your security needs do.


Innovatively disruptive | Leading through the crisis

In the wake of Covid-19, digital transformation pivoted businesses to embrace new forms of technology deployments that drives engagement and interaction. Hilal Computers, one of the leading system integrators based in Bahrain, has set an example of driving excellence during these volatile times with exceptional tech strategical initiatives and business practices.

Being a leader in business consulting, Hilal has been prominent to assist customers in fulfilling their purpose, improve business growth and deliver solutions to thrive with the new reality. With advanced IT initiatives and services that deliver real results, the team has been disruptively stepping towards a digital transformation journey. The company has witnessed an exponential growth over the couple of years with the business spread across GCC including in Saudi Arabia, UAE and Oman.

Hilal assisted in the digitalization of companies with rapid evolution, change and adaptation to the developing IT world. However, the primary focus has always been on a good cost reduced digital transformation plan without cutting away the essential parts of the business that are necessary to sustain current levels of business performance. To help companies cope with technological challenges, the team has determinedly provided its consultation services as well as leading technology and business provision services for various firms across every domain and industry.

Being on a balanced act between transcending and transforming, businesses are supported with optimized offerings and a competing solution that rewards them digitally. The pandemic is however made a mandatory choice for business to pivot to a digital business model and Hilal computers has diligently supported the companies in the digital transition to make up for their economic loss and provided them with business agility. For many companies, especially those operating at a large scale and not familiarized with business changes, Hilal has been a major helping hand with disruptive innovations that could also become lasting pillars of these business that help it to thrive well beyond the pandemic.

To stay competitive, organizations must respond to these changes and meet emerging customer demands. However, Hilal computers detected those signals of change early, optimized the customer experience and redefined the value propositions in line with evolving preferences and needs Moreover, digital initiatives were reprioritized based on relevance in the current environment. For some businesses, the forces of disruption were higher that their long term planned vision needed to be fixed. Hence, the digital roadmap had to be executed accordingly and the ones that don’t deliver value were reimagined and re- implemented by the team.
Most of the threats have intensified during the covid-19 outbreak due to the challenges of the “new normal”. Hilal moved the gears with appropriate detection of the threats, addressing the gaps with recommended cyber practices and modelling the business towards a recovery, thus giving them real global results.

Digital transformation happened through a new lens and different set of value driven options that meets employee focused needs, accelerates the digital connection and re-configures the organizational structures.
With an increased amount of data unloaded on cloud, Hilal Computers have aided firms in devising cloud security policies and controls to protect data and infrastructure. Cloud computing has provided businesses switching to remote operations with essential computing resources and data-storage solutions in a safe way. Small to large business enterprises are helped to flourish in this digital transformation journey with innovative solutions and right business approach that makes them stronger, agile and more customer centric than before.

Hilal has been strongly accepted for its strong relationship, business principles and fast ways of working which stays as the standard of fineness and ensures a level of assurance which is a global recognition today.


A source of resilience in the COVID-19 outbreak- Hilal Computers


The relaunching of Hilal’s exclusive YouTube channel-“Digital Hustle” is a journey or moreover the dimensions of transformation which has made a difference on the digital curve. With the pandemic disrupting our routines and workflows, resilience and compliance have become necessities to overcome these challenges.

Hilal’s distinctive business delivery model and digital innovation efforts have significantly pivoted the business towards greater reaches and wider possibilities. The team’s ability on detecting the digital changes and proposing ideas with the evolving inclinations and needs is what makes it different and intellectual.

To stay competitive or sustain this era is to adopt new strategies and practices that fills the IT gap and adopt digital initiatives that navigates towards the competitive direction.


Ahlan Avenue Successfully rollout cloud based Disaster recovery plan


Hilals CTTC’s customers are constantly at new heights of bringing cutting edge, usable technology to where it is needed. Through hard work and determination, Ahlan Avenue has successfully created a Disaster recovery project that has created a localized system of data redundancy and possibly help save companies millions of dollars and hundreds of hours; data is important and our client has implemented a fail-safe that is not only secure, but efficient through the help of our experts and through a well-devised plan.The smart minds from Hilal CTTC, behind this project had a set end-goal in mind and worked on it through systematically overcoming the hardships that came with it. With the help of our team and the geniuses behind the project, the project was successfully completed and deployed.

Our recently completed project named Archiving Disaster Recovery has been completed, with our dedicated behind us, the project featured the following features:

  • Reduce the overall risk of Business data loss due to cyberattacks – This project features a wide array of safety checks and backup Virtual Machines to ensure data redundancy and grid lock in case of a malicious cyber-attack.
  • Reduced the risk of losing business data in case of natural and political disasters – through the use of our hosted data in separate Virtual Private clouds through Amazon Web Services, we have created a redundant backup system for important business data which can be accessed in case of Natural and Political disasters.
  • Providing computer power, database storage and content delivery as well as many other functionalities to business in order to them grow and scale, exponentially ease their business data issues during an unforeseen event.
  • Maintain and test plan of a disaster recovery procedure – We create detailed contingency plans in case of a disaster and have already set up recovery procedures for when or if data is at risk.
  • Easy to restore with fast response – because this is such a dynamic solution, it doesn’t require any more downtime. You can get your data back from the backup cloud in no time and continue working as if nothing happened. This not only saves time and money, but saves countless hours for IT teams to get everything set back up again.

This solution not only complies with all rules and regulations, but it allows Ahlan’s to save and optimize over the years.

Because this solution is dynamic, there are a lot of other implementations for this solution in the future with scalability and growth in mind; not only did Ahlan Avenue receive a successfully implemented project, but also received knowledge transfer regarding the different technology stacks that were implemented.

Hilal CTTC’s are proud of our customers and want to see them succeed in their future endeavors; undoubtedly, there is a level of success that is achievable with the right guidance, determination and hard work.



Hilal Computers enters Dell EMC President’s Circle

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Hilal Computers becomes Microsoft’s Major Partner


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